Hi there! We're Dan & Scott, just a couple of vagabond photographers who have been watching each others' backs for the past decade. Two quirky peas in a pod, wandering the world with eyes open for all the ungarded moments life has to offer. Dan is the bubble & fizz in Scotts' soda, while he's the sugar & cream in her tea. Like Yin & Yang, shadows & highlights, we each compliment and contrast each other to make a fabulous team. Together we've circumnavigated the globe twice, wandered lost down more dusty roads & sublime scenes than we can possibly list here, & learned more nonsense & surprises about the world in the doing. Our collective experience photographing news, documentary, travel & commercial studios lends us a unique & special vision to our wedding work. We love to capture the inbetween in life, the subtle & the comic, & see all the beauty & quirkiness in the world. We invite you to let us be a witness for your day, to let us show & tell through photography the story of your wedding. 

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